2013 Client Pictures
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Welcome to the 2013 fishing season. Listed below are photographs of clients and some friends on our excellent fishing excursions.

Glenn, Jacqulynn.


Geoff, Micky. B.S.H.

Glenn, Christine, B.S.H.

Dale, World Mark.

Mark, Tina. B.S.H.

Mike, B.S.H.

Paul, Angel. C.L.L.


George, Cynthia, Royal Canadian Lodge.

Scott, Fox Hotel.


Alan, Ellen, Buffalo Mountain Lodge.


Megan, The Penthouse.


John, A.J, Hidden Ridge Resort.

Erik, Chris, B.S.H.

Tim, Christina, B.S.H.

Bret, Rimrock Resort Hotel.

Sky, Buffalo Mountain Lodge

Geoff. Chateau Lake Louise.

Jay, Chateau Lake Louise.


Joe, Becky, Banff Springs Hotel.


Steve, Christine, Rimrock Resort Hotel.

T. Banff Springs Hotel

Dave, Rimrock Resort Hotel.



Trevor, Eric, Banff Springs Hotel.

Bill, Maureen, Banff Springs Hotel.


Les, Chateau Lake Louise.

Arthur, Thomas, Royal Canadian Delta Lodge.

Chris, Mount Royal Hotel.

Shawn, Molly, Jason, Brett. Hostel International.

Dan. Lake Louise.

Tyson. Chateau Lake Louise.



David, Roxanne, Hidden Ridge Resort.

Alistar, Sandy

Susan, Matt, Brandt, Bryan. BSH

Trey, Jeri, Avery, Riley. B.S.H.

Cary, Robert.


Barbra, Kathrine, Spruce Grove Inn.

Tommy, Evon, Banff Caribou Lodge.

Matt, Mary, Post Hotel.


Mark, Leo, Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

Ian, Evan, Bryce. Banff Springs Hotel.

Adam, Danielle, Chateau Lake Louise.


Jeff, Melissa, Banff Springs Hotel.

Chris, Issac, Dan, Rimrock Resort Hotel.


Jeff, Banff Springs Hotel.


C.J. Cassie. Rimrock Resort Hotel.


Big Al.

Curt, Donna, Banff Springs Hotel.


Chris, Rachael, Banff Springs Hotel.



Ken, Pam, B.S.H.



Bill, Rhonda, B.S.H.


Troy, Bobby, Carlyle. B.S.H.


Mike, Hope, Banff Springs Hotel.


Butch, Tim, Lyndon. Johnstone Canyon Resort.


John. Lisa.

Ben, Olivia, Rimrock Resort Hotel.

Bob, Rimrock Resort Hotel.

Ivan, Rimrock Resort Hotel






Steve, Jake


Matt, Elizabeth. The Fox Hotel


Dustin, Scott.

Tim, Two days

Rod, Chateau Lake Louise.



Glen, Banff Springs Hotel.

Gerard, Nate, Banff Springs Hotel.

Mark, John, Rimrock Resort Hotel.


Mike, Banff Springs Hotel.


Kevin. Julie. Delta Royal Canadian.



Fred. High Country Inn.

Gil, Collin, Lindsey.


Anthony, Jim, Emily, Christopher, Banff Springs Hotel.



Sam, Carly. Banff Springs Hotel.



Tom, Gerald, Banff International Hotel.


John, Banff Park Lodge


Jack, Jerry. Banff International Hotel.


Mike, Banff Springs Hotel


Dave, Hidden Ridge Resort

Richard, Catherine, Banff

Allan, Bob Rimrock Resort Hotel



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